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Bombs + Dollars is a policy blog founded by columnist and foreign policy scholar Mitchell Blatt in 2009 and has been updated at regular intervals between 2009 to 2012 and then from 2015 to early 2019. Sumantra Maitra also served as an editor for many of those years.

At present B+D is on indefinite hiatus. Blatt has a new book coming out. Follow him on Facebook at @MitchBlattWriter to receive updates.

This website exists to compile some of B+D's archives, some of B+D's top posts over recent years.

Exclusive (Blatt): The scene at Lafayette Park and marching with counterprotesters (Unite the Right II Coverage)

The counterprotesters consisted of a diverse group of people. Many were individuals who simply opposed racism who didn’t appear to be aligned with any specific group. Many were centrists or moderate liberals. One man who wore a NATO flag as a cape said, “I like to piss off both sides. I oppose fascism and communism.”

Some of the counterprotesters were bloodthirsty. Confronting Pato Rincon, a counterprotester and Bombs + Dollars contributor who was dressed as Captain America and carrying an American flag and Korean flag (and thus mistaken for an alt-right activist), one counterprotester said, “You want to fight?” When he was informed that Rincon wanted to fight Nazis, the two hugged and shook hands.
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Blatt: Women’s equality is not some kind of war on men (Response to Jordan Peterson)

The fact that the economic playing field has become more fair to women and minorities over the past fifty years has paradoxically been cited by some critics of feminism as an affront on men’s rights. Jordan Peterson and Tucker Carlson see an assault on “masculinity”—an assault that is “a consequence of directed policy,” Peterson said in an appearance on Carlson’s Fox News show.
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Exclusive (Rincon): The Warped Marxist-Feminist Ideology of the Kurdish YPG (B+D Correspondent Pato Rincon recalls his time in Syria)

Getting retired from the United States Marine Corps at age 23 with zero deployments under my belt was a huge blow to what I figured to be my destiny on this planet. That “retirement” came in 2010 after three years on convalescent leave, recovering from a traumatic brain injury sustained stateside. I got my chance to vindicate myself in 2015 by volunteering to fight in Syria with the Kurdish Yeni Parastina Gel (YPG), or the “People’s Protection Units” in Kurmanji.
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Marybeth Glenn: Conservatives must not support President Trump

I’ve listened to people say that, despite their refusal to vote for Trump, they must now join in the thunderous applause – “albeit reluctantly,” they’ll proclaim – of a Republican sweep until their fears are confirmed, because that’s what a good team player does. I’ve watched them cheer on Sessions, Tillerson, and Carson, despite obvious issues, simply because that’s what people on the right are doing. As though getting behind the schoolyard bully is the only logical option, because while he’s shaken down all of the defenseless kids on the playground, it’s only reasonable to stand beside him until he shakes down the next, and then the next, and so on and so forth. They’re willing to wash, rinse, and repeat until there’s nothing left of their principles but a shell that barely tells the story of what they once were.
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Maitra: Exploring Britannia, Part 1

The baffled look on my father’s face was understandable, as I was failing to explain the subtle nuances of the Oxford “Rhodes must fall” campaign to him, standing in front of the Blackwell store, in Oxford.
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Maitra: Exploring Britannia, Part 2

“You supporting Brexit, I know.” That was the particularly awkward start of a conversation with the Polish driver of the taxi I took home from the University library, next to my department.
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