Over the week, We decided that we will link to our publications as blog posts here, for the readers to decide on what subjects they wish to read up. Both Mitch and I write for various publications, so this is going to be a digest or links for our readers. I start this week…

  1. I delve into Russian gains and losses in Syria. There’s heavy analysis in media whether Russia is acting out of strength or weakness, but I conclude that’s a false choice…as we should be more careful in thinking on what Russia is looking to achieve in the first foreign intervention outside the Soviet sphere in a quarter of a century. The results are, somewhat mixed… Blessed Bombs
  2. I was covering the Conservative conference in Manchester, and I analyse that. The Tories are putting up a show of unity and confidence which I dispute.
  3. A short historical analysis on why Turkey is a unique country, and why it faces so much violence, in light of the terror attack in Ankara, the worst in the history of modern Turkey.

Happy reading!