Date: October 19, 2015

Monday Reading List – Dysfunction in the EU and U.S. presidential race

Over the week, we decided that we will link to our publications as blog posts here, for the readers to decide on what subjects they wish to read up. Both Sumantra and I write for various publications, so this is going to be a digest or links for our readers. I will post on Mondays and Sumantra will post towards the end of the week.

1. Refugee crisis shows EU problems
The finger pointing and dodging of responsibility in the EU has been going on for some time. The refugee crisis is just one thing that brings shows it to the world.

“The problem is that the EU includes too many countries with cultures and economies that do not align. The political structure gives the EU enough power over some aspects of its member states to cause local resentment, but not enough power to get things done quickly.”

2. Why Trump is leading the Republican race
I analyze an in depth poll on U.S. presidential primary race voter demographics and find the stark differences between the various candidates.

“The Pew poll shows Trump’s potential supporters are more likely to support raising taxes on the rich, not traditionally a conservative position, while Carson voters are against it by a 2-1 margin. On the other hand, Trump loyalists largely support deporting all illegal immigrants, while Carson voters are split almost 50-50…”

3. Don’t Shame Chrissie Hynde For Owning A Bad Decision That Led To Her Assault
“With so much attention on rape, it would be a terrible disservice not to try to decrease its occurrence. This is one particular example of a rape that could have been prevented through making better choices, and the victim isn’t afraid to say it. That doesn’t mean she wasn’t victimized. If anything, knowing what one could have done differently gives one more power to make a better decision the next time. Nor is it to say all or most assaults happen that way. But in an outrage culture, people are all too willing to strip the context of an individual event and view things in black and white.”

“In Chrissie Hynde’s new memoir, The Pretenders singer describes an episode when she went with a bunch of strangers in a motorcycle gang and ended up getting sexually assaulted.”

4. The “Worker, Peasant, and Soldier Students” Program at Nanjing University
At my personal blog on China, I write about the class discrimination-based college admissions system used during the Cultural Revolution and how it hurt China’s education system.

“After the Cultural Revolution started universities closed their doors to new students. It wasn’t until years later that they began admitting students again—but those students were “workers, peasants, and soldiers” chosen on the basis of class discrimination rather than qualifications. Even those lucky few, however, never got proper educations from the politicized education system Maoism imposed.

In 1966, with the Cultural Revolution, the gao kao college entrance exam system was suspended along with admissions. It was said that the test favored bourgeois city dwellers. It wasn’t until June 1970 that the first major universities, Beijing University and Tsinghua University (also in Beijing), began preparations to reopen that year…” More

Donald Trump: The SJW presidential candidate

Anita Sarkeesian is called an “attention whore.” Zoe Quinn is, according to The Ralph Retort, “the biggest egomaniac we have had the displeasure to meet over the last 12 months.”

Those bloggers must not have met Donald Trump in the past year. Because if there is one person who reflects the thin-skinned, attention-craving, complaint-filled, censorious nature associated with Social Justice Warriors, it is Donald Trump.

Though he is lauded as a tough guy and an anti-PC “alpha male” by his fans, who was it who took up his Twitter sword and called for a magazine editor, National Review‘s Rich Lowry, to be fined for making the oh-so-“offensive” statement that Carly Fiorina “castrated” him in the presidential debate? He, like one of the feminists behind the #LikeAGirl campaign, called for Jonah Goldberg to resign because he tweeted that Donald was “tweeting like a 14 year old girl.” And any time he gets questioned by anyone with even the slightest journalistic integrity, he starts up an angry Twitter storm after he’s away from the cameras.

Someone who thinks that journalists asking questions is beyond the pale or that criticism is equivalent to harassment…

Now his newest game is to post “death threats” sent by random 14-year-olds on Twitter in an attempt to either win sympathy or paint his opponents as evil oppressors or perhaps to even win a speaking slot at the next UN conference.

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