Donald Trump: The SJW presidential candidate

Anita Sarkeesian is called an “attention whore.” Zoe Quinn is, according to The Ralph Retort, “the biggest egomaniac we have had the displeasure to meet over the last 12 months.”

Those bloggers must not have met Donald Trump in the past year. Because if there is one person who reflects the thin-skinned, attention-craving, complaint-filled, censorious nature associated with Social Justice Warriors, it is Donald Trump.

Though he is lauded as a tough guy and an anti-PC “alpha male” by his fans, who was it who took up his Twitter sword and called for a magazine editor, National Review‘s Rich Lowry, to be fined for making the oh-so-“offensive” statement that Carly Fiorina “castrated” him in the presidential debate? He, like one of the feminists behind the #LikeAGirl campaign, called for Jonah Goldberg to resign because he tweeted that Donald was “tweeting like a 14 year old girl.” And any time he gets questioned by anyone with even the slightest journalistic integrity, he starts up an angry Twitter storm after he’s away from the cameras.

Someone who thinks that journalists asking questions is beyond the pale or that criticism is equivalent to harassment…

Now his newest game is to post “death threats” sent by random 14-year-olds on Twitter in an attempt to either win sympathy or paint his opponents as evil oppressors or perhaps to even win a speaking slot at the next UN conference.

“I do not find DEATH threats of the #1 GOP Presidential candidate (@realDonaldTrump) since July, to be funny, or “joking” in any way,” Trump advisor Danial Scavino, Jr. hyperventilated on Twitter on October 18 (Mediaite).

Who does that sound like?

Oh, that’s right, Anita Sarkeesian once posted to Tumblr “One Week of Harassment on Twitter.”

Lots of variations on “Fuck you”:
“fuck you, bitch”

Also some “death threats” and/or death wishes:
“how about you get cancer”
“kill yourself you piece of garbage. you shouldn’t be able to breathe. Such a waste of oxygen.”

Clearly a lot of stupid fucking tweets, as other Twitter users may have experienced.

Some of the “harassment” tweets, however, weren’t even harassment. This one by @BeefTheirHD is very relevant to Donald Trump:

Stop. You do not understand about gaming, Death Threats are made daily, as well as rape threats. guess what? It’s not only women!

As you can see from Infowars dutifully summarizing tweets sent @ Trump, “It’s not only women” who receive Twitter death threats that, in the case of the ones posted, will not be acted on:
“I wanna murder Donald trump”
“Imma fucking kill donald trump”
“Someone needs to kill Donald Trump”
“somebody please kill Donald trump”
And on, and on…

Donald’s boy Daniel Scavino Jr. was forwarding some of those tweets to the Twitter account of the Secret Service, and Gawker wrote an article about it with a headline that Scavino thought was sarcastic:

The Secret Service investigates lots of expressions of death threats from people like 10-year-olds threatening Bush and little kids with YouTube accounts. But if Trump for whatever reason is irrationally scared of these tweets, he should have that handled through the proper channels.

The tweets in the Infowars article and (most of) the tweets on Sarkeesian’s Tumblr were stupid, but that is that. What is the point of sharing stupid tweets by people who don’t matter and claiming to be victimized?

Donald Trump couldn’t exist without thinking he’s victimized.

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  1. taransula

    Wow what a joke lol. I hate trump he’s a megalomaniac, but he is in no way supportive of authoritarian censorship using data he made up himself. Anita Sarkeesian and reality have never actually met, it’s apples and oranges.

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