I had an extremely busy week, with seminars and presentations…live tweeting the launch of a new Political Economy research center, on behalf of @NottsPolitics. There were some fascinating data sets, to think of how much this small Island Kingdom still punches above its weight…when it comes to European and global economy.

2D9AA36800000578-3280557-image-a-153_1445374016998In light of that, I was covering the visit of President Xi to UK, quite significant a timing. I wrote a two part analysis on what this means for Sino-UK future cooperation, and what it might mean for geo-politics and economics.

It is my hypothesis, that this potentially is one of the most significant re-alignment in global politics, with the UK simultaneously preparing for the loss of common EU market incase Britain leaves EU, and signalling to US and China and EU that Britain will follow Germany for a mercantile, amoral foreign policy.

Part 1 – Britain Leans Towards China

Part 2 – What Is The UK Signalling To The US And China?

I was also, personally wondering how many guards it took to keep  the senile Prince Philip away from the Chinese President, but that’s for everyone to speculate.

Did I miss something?


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