China’s GDP growth lagged in the third quarter from 7.0% to 6.9%, according to GDP numbers released by the government. While the decline might not be a big one, the symbolic nature of dropping below 7.0% for the first time in six years did get noticed by the domestic press as well as the international press. China’s official news bureau Xinhua assuaged readers that it wasn’t a big problem, and I posted a partial translation at my blog China Travel Writer.

Meanwhile, local development continues at a fast pace in Nanjing, where almost two dozen new subway lines are in the works. With line 4 near completion, however, local businesses are vexed by construction enclosures that are hurting their business. I wrote about how they have posted banners and made demands to try to get compensation.

The potential for realistic sexbots in a few decades is energizing men who have problems with women, but, as I wrote at The Federalist, sex bots are no solution for men put off by feminism.

Finally, Columba Bush, Jeb Bush’s wife, has been shy to media attention, which has caused many to speculate on her. Feminists think she’s not feminist enough. White nationalists think she’s too Mexican. Relatives of her biological father, who mistreated her and her mother, think she isn’t Mexican enough. Based on news articles, I paint a picture of Columba Bush.

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