Is Donald Trump a “secret Muslim”?

In September, Donald Trump suggested Obama is a Muslim, and he did so in September 2012, too, and he has been one of the leaders of the birther movement.

Of course we know what Donald Trump believes in: money. We know what his religious believes are: disinterest.

Still, a recent comment he made in defense of forcing women to wear burqas raises the tongue-in-cheek question: Is Trump a “secret Muslim”?

At a forum in New Hampshire, he defended the wearing of burqas, calling it a choice (despite the fact that many nations force women to wear burqas, not to mention that some patriarchal societies pressure women into wearing burqas), and saying that it makes sense because, “You don’t have to wear makeup.”

He elaborated, saying, “I tell you, if I was a women, I don’t want… Wah… I’m ready darling, let’s go.”

The comments were reported by the Boston Globe and then the video was posted by ABC News Politics.

Still don’t believe me? (How much “evidence” do you demand for someone to be a “secret Muslim”?! You don’t need any evidence!) Here’s more:
Donald Trump doesn’t know a favorite Bible verse
When he had another chance to answer the question, he cited a vague verse that might not exist
He’s not an active member of his church
He has never asked God for forgiveness (Okay, that just proves he’s Donald Trump)


As you can see, Donald Trump isn’t a Christian. In fact, he is probably waging a “War on Christians”!

I’m kidding, of course, as any non-Trump voters reading this can see. Trump voters, however, like those who have already expressed their fear of teh Secret Muslims, now think Trump is a Muslim. Or maybe they just think that Secret Muslims are good now.

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