Short post on the Yale Racism issue

So, this happened in Yale.

Now, I don’t know how to categorise this…brings up so many questions…not just for me, I believe.

When I was young, I grew up in the late 90s, we used to cringe if parents, School, Uni try to make us follow rules. What went wrong in the matter of 20 years? How did everyone turn to such frail fairies?!

To be honest, it is an American thing…thankfully not that much in Europe, England, New Zealand, and definitely not in China or India. (Pro-Tip…if you go and cry in India because your fee-fees are hurt, goodluck…you just killed your chances to be ever taken seriously, until you essentially move to a different job, timezone, postal code, and hope no one from your past life finds out. Yes, it is a tough country for overly sensitive people.)

The thing is, sensitivity is subjective. Ethics are mutating. Rules are never good, as they can be misused, and ever increasing. Banning is never an option, safe spaces make people perpetually weak, echo chambers just reinforce the same views, and make a student completely unprepared for real world, which is brutal.

Here’s something personal. I was spat at and called a term offensive for South Asians, on my first night in England. I just smiled and moved on, knowing I am a doctoral researcher, with better money than him due to my scholarship and job, and the guy trying to spit is just another drunk racist idiot at the middle of the night. I don’t feel threatened, I didn’t need a safe space, I was not bodily harmed, as I know how to defend myself.

I actually felt superior. I slept peacefully that night, knowing that in 30 years time, I will still be better than him, with a better job and better life, he might still be drunk, trying to spit on someone else based on his/her skin colour.

Here’s an advice kids. Grow up. Work hard. Focus on studies rather than partying and trying to change the world through activism and protests. Have a good career. Earn money. Strive for a good life. And dig down, toughen up and be stoic, when it comes to priorities. If you’re successful, life will be good.

It’s quite simple, really.

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  1. CL

    What you are describing are the actions of pre-Holocaust Jews and pre-BosnianGenocide Bosniaks.

    I get that a lot of African Americans do a great deal of protesting and seem to not make an education a priority, while us Asians (I’m half) get discriminated against (especially being female) in being selected for the education we are pursuing due to our higher percentage of representation in higher education than the 14% we are supposed to be and still manage to make it and do well. But I will not remain silent on racism, and I will not ask someone else to do the same.
    I do not believe in fake government controls on free speech that merely hinders our ability to determine who is an enemy and who isn’t (a la Tito); but I do believe in pointing out the logical fallacies of racists, especially of a place that purports to be racially tolerant.
    Say it loud. Make them face their own ludicrous behavior and know that others do not silently agree.

    Use wisdom.

    • Agreed. I have no problem when someone tries to talk about racism, although I find that early seventies theory of “micro-aggression” (which has been discarded by subsequent research to be “over sensitive and paranoid”), extremely flawed and laughable. However, as long as anyone talking civil about racism, it is commendable. The moment they try to control the narrative, and try “black shirt” tactics of hindering media, banning speakers, and shouting down and abusing professors, spitting on seminar attendees etc. I have a problem.
      In England, they will be kicked out, their scholarships taken back, and they won’t have a job. In US, they will be possibly coddled even more.

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