It happened. Slovenia, one of the smallest countries in European Union decided to follow its Hungarian neighbour: as government sent military troops to its Southern border with Croatia to build a fence. Why a fence? Its task is to prevent refugees who are on the rush to escape winter to enter Slovenia. Not that they are going to stay in Slovenia; as we have seen refugees are on their way to Nordic countries, passing Slovenia on the way.

In news conference the Prime minister of Slovenia Miro Cerar announced that fence will be build on its border with Croatia in order “to protect security of our citizens and immigrants, and to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe”. Cerar tried to avoid the unpopular term “wire fence” and replace it with a soft version: “technical obstacles”.

When local journalists visited the Southern Slovenian border they reported on “wire fence with a razors”.

At the moment of writing this report there are over 10000 refugees in Greece who want to leave and continue their way towards North Balkans. Slovenia was an exception, the only country which for last few months allow them to past its territory relatively freely. Not anymore.

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