A lot happened over the week, as you know, but here’s a recap on two issues, in two most volatile places in the world, one where there is a war going on for around 3000 years, and the other being a civilisational clash point, if we borrow a Huntingtonian phrase, but I assure you, the message I convey today is not one of doom, but one of optimism. 

Firstly, South China Sea. We all know by now, US Navy sent a destroyer, for freedom of navigation, shadowed by the Chinese Navy, and everyone freaked out. But then it got very quiet. I wrote about that before, that nothing would happen. China by building the man-made islands, was trying to find out how much it can “rock the boat” (no pun), and US did a routine voyage, to show that US Navy is still the predominant force in the World and Pax-Americana is still reigning, atleast in Asia-Pacific. It was a good. old fashioned test of perception/resolve, and both sides left satisfied with it, and played it well to the domestic gallery. It is also a show that US is trying to focus on China more, and trying to get out of Middle East, leaving the security burden to regional powers, like Iran, Turkey, Saudis, and ofcourse,  tacitly to Russia. Whether it is a good or a bad strategy, time will tell but it is in motion. Here’s the first of my weekly columns on US-China clash in South China sea.

Which brings us to the second point, the paranoia about Russian adventurism in Syria. First of all, it was not unexpected, and if any IR analyst says that, they are either naive and/or completely misunderstand how the global game is played. Secondly, Russia is doing badly, and it is not going to improve anytime soon. In the midst of this feverish debate, about Russia’s intention and capability, my second weekly column reminds people of an old principle by Napoleon.

So, what did I miss?

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