My name is Sanaa Taleb. I come from Morocco. I am being imprisoned for 7 months in detention facilities Elliniko and I demand my freedom.

These are the words from a letter that 33  year old Sanaa Taleb released 14 days ago. She is detained from 4th of April this year in one of Greek detention centers for undocumented migrants, south of Athens. Sanaa was almost deported by Greek police ten days ago but the pilot of the plane prevented her deportation; not that he was worried particularly about her forced deportation. “What will the tourists say if they will see a woman with ripped clothes covered in a blood travelling among them?” was his concern.

The police officers brutally beat Sanaa (in handcuffs) the day she rejected deportation and took her back to the women detention facilities Elliniko.

The bruises and scratches from police aggression was still visible on her body when I met her this week in one of the Athens courtroom. “After 6 months of my detention the authorities decided to simply prolong my imprisonment for another 3 months. From then on I decided to reject any food given to me by prison staff,” she explained to me.

on her hand scratches

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