Date: November 15, 2015

Paris, Jihadists, Refugees and Katie Hopkins

So, in a tumultuous day, I was branded and blocked as a “right-winger without any empathy” by someone I knew for over six years, because I mentioned, that a PhD is not for everyone, after she posted a whiny monotonous drone on FB, by someone saying how they needed medicines and wanted to kill themselves, as they can’t take a pressure of a PhD. All I said was I’m doing one, and I don’t think it is that bad, and also that people should be careful of what they choose…as choice and consequence is a serious and important concept, is increasingly becoming rare in our life. Everyone should know what they are capable of, and how far they can go, rather than regret later. But apparently I am a right winger for saying that. Now, I don’t mind that, except that fact that being blocked doesn’t render my opinion mute, it however proves the person blocking me, immature, undemocratic and incapable of a discussion and debate.

Also, it starts a dilemma, as on the VERY SAME DAY, I was called a leftist troll on twitter, when I said, that Ultra-Right parties in Europe will take advantage of this and xenophobia against refugees will rise.

It is a bit confusing, when I cheese off both sides, but guess, I am doing something right.

Which brings me to this op-ed by Katie Hopkins. (Incase you don’t know who she is, and her works, consider yourself blessed. She’s equally a mesh of confused bigotry, like Peter Hitchens, without the glorious imperial Hitchensian prose)

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Scoop: Greek media bungles “Acropolis in French Tricolore” story

All over the world we saw monuments yesterday evening lit up in the colours of a French flag. It was a gesture of solidarity with the Paris tragedy that shook the world.

The Greek Parthenon (commonly known as the Acropolis) was not an exception. Or was it?

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