Date: November 16, 2015

Americans try to be unwelcoming to refugees

Americans lately have a bad habit of drawing conclusions from unrelated circumstances. One of the attackers reportedly was a terrorist who blended himself in with refugees to get into Europe. America, as anyone familiar with geography knows, isn’t Europe, and hundreds of thousands of boats aren’t washing up on America’s shores. So, to whatever degree the attack is relevant to European migration policy, it is not, at any rate, relevant to American policy.

That doesn’t stop demagogues and overreacting politicians from acting on it. Governors in more than a dozen states are trying to stop refugees who will already be admitted to the U.S. anyway from coming to their own states.

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Predictions about Paris, Russia, Syria and ISIS

Right, so if you don’t interact with me on Twitter, you might have missed that I predicted a few significant rapid changes in European Geopolitics. Now, young early career Political Scientists like me, don’t like predicting…it can make or break our careers. But academics also constantly want to test their predictive or analytical prowess, nerdy gamblers that we are.

So, when the attacks were still going on, I tweeted these. 

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