On my way from Denver up to Fort Collins today, I noticed a man with two small American flags in each hand standing on the overpass above the highway. In front of him was a sign that said, “No refugees.”

Ah, there it is. Beyond a (low) threshold, the number of flags a patriot is waving is inversely related with the rationality and sanity of one’s individual argument. Overpasses for America is a Tea Party-style group began around August 2013 as “Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment.” People stood on overpasses with anti-Obama signs and American flags and tried to get Obama impeached. Apparently it didn’t work. From that inception, the overpasses movement, rebranded as Overpasses for America, continued to host anti-Obama/anti-Democrat protests.

As can be seen by the cover photo chosen for the Chicago anti-refugee protest, the most important thing is to have a lot of American flags:
overpasses flags copy

Since the Paris attacks, there have been a number of anti-refugee protests. The one in Naperville, IL chose a more even-headed title: “NO Syrian Refugees Rally” (as opposed to “No ISIS Refugees”).

Here are some photos from the Chicago rally (posted to their Facebook page):

They get their issues mixed up:

"No more illegals" and "No refugees illegals" signs.

“No more illegals” and “No refugees illegals” signs.


The Overpasses group has “arrest Obama” rallies sponsored for November 28:

The goal of the the “ARREST OBAMARAMA” is for people to rearrange the letters on sale at home supplies or craft stores to spell “Arrest Obama.” A funny way to annoy the Obama-supporters they oppose perhaps (unless it is done at Hobby Lobby, as the Facebook page suggests, where no to few Obama-supporters are shopping anyway), but, considering these images they shared are from 2013 and 2014, not very effective:

This evokes another anti-Obama campaign that attempted to derail the president with ill-thought-out and unconvincing forms of communications, the “Hope and Change Sticky Note Campaign,” in which Tea Partiers would post sticky notes with anti-Obama messages on gas pumps or shopping store shelves only to have them later removed.

If it wasn’t discernable from their protests, Overpasses for America kind of has a thing against Muslims. That is, they hate them. According to a November 19 press release:

Rightfully earned fear and hatred of Muslims was on public display in Spotsylvania County at a meeting concerning the building of a new mosque,

the press release begins.

Some crazy racist guy was yelling at a man who was involved in the construction of a mosque to the effect that he and every other Muslim are all terrorists:

At least two men went on spirited rants, shouting down the speaker and calling all Muslims terrorists.

If this burning Statue of Liberty they shared doesn’t convince you, nothing will:

Overpasses for America gets into a Twitter war over this article.
– There are some valid arguments against the refugee program. Overpasses’ arguments aren’t, but there are.

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