Yesterday I wrote about the anti-refugee protests held by Overpasses for America and how their rhetoric and arguments were crazy. “No refugees illegals,” said a sign.

However, I don’t want to imply that there are no rational arguments in favor of curtailing or slowing down the admittance of refugees from certain countries. Just that people who call for the arrest of the president, or who post images of the Statue of Liberty in flames and the text, “They are here for your children. … Arm yourself, get training,” are typically not making the best arguments, are fueled by fear and paranoia.

In the interest of fairness, I should link to a few people who are making more civil and convincing arguments against refugees.

Megan McArdle points out some bad arguments come from the pro-refugee side, too.

The Gulf states are not taking refugees. Not really an argument for us not taking refugees as much as it is one that the Saudi Arabia and others aren’t doing their part. It is an argument that those states are Islamic and are a bigger cause of the problem in that they are funding the campaign against Assad.

But even if they are Islamic, they might not be the most welcoming to foreigners, which is why they so far haven’t been welcoming, and America is the welcoming immigrant country. One could argue that to cite Saudi Arabia’s inaction as justification is to deny America’s exceptionalism. No one would cite Saudi Arabia’s human rights record as something America should aim for.

We should settle Christians who are being murdered by a theocratic terrorist group that kills non-believers. According to a New York Times Magazine article, Christians are leaving Syria in droves. So far 3 percent of the Syrian refugees America has accepted have been Christian, compared to a Syrian population of 10 percent Christian. Does those numbers indicate the U.S. should be accepting more Christians? Hard to say without knowing more information, such as the local population demographics, the extent of violence in different places, and the demographic composition of those who have applied for refugee status.

One of the people who attacked in France snuck into Europe with a group of refugees. Ensuring who is allowed in when they step off boats with fake documents is hard, but that is more of a problem for Europe, where 100’s of thousands are coming on boats, than America.

So there are some issues to consider with regards to refugees, but they should be considered logically.

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