Athens saw International conference of Youth left organised by Youth of Syriza, political organization of dominant Greek party Syriza, this past weekend. Several members of other European Network of Democratic Young Left (ENDYL) also attended the meeting.

T talks to youth

International conference of Youth left organised by Youth of Syriza

Among foreigners, there were speakers from Turkey, Finland, Italy, Ireland and Spain. Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras briefly had a cameo.

talk to youth

Aleksis Tsipras during his speech on Friday

“We were blackmailed and forced to sign a deal with which we did not agree. It’s us still fighting together with European left movements for the changes in European society. Our place is well known from heroic fights but this is not enough. We also need heroic victories,” he said to young supporters: “The hope didn’t disappear,” referring to his earlier election motto from January: “The hope is coming.”

From elections day 20.9.

The pre-election slogan of Syriza “The hope is coming” was eight months later replaced with “We win tomorrow.” Photo: Supporters of Syriza waiting for election results, Athens, 20.9.2015


After that, Tsipras stayed to listen only a representative of Turkish HDP Cihan Erdal and then left. Erdal however in his speech focused on terrorist attack and fight against ISIS.

HDP turkey

Cihan Erdal during his speech on Friday

The member of Left youth of Finland Pinja Vuorinen was talking about austerity measures implemented in her country and emphasized the importance of people “to stay angry”. There were representative of Irish Sinn Fein, without any hint of irony in his voice, thundered: “We are nationalist and republicans, fighting for socialism.”


Representative of Left youth of Finland


senn fein

Representative of Irish Sinn Fein

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