It’s Monday, and that means I’m sharing my recent writings at other outlets.

First, re the Paris attacks and the U.S. domestic response:
US politicians misguided on anti-terror policies –

A candidate for state legislative office in Minnesota, Dan Kimmel of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, tweeted in response to the attacks: “ISIS isn’t necessarily evil. It is made up of people doing what they think is best for their community.”

Well, the Nazis were also “doing what they think is best for their community.” That such people have twisted, bigoted, and yes, evil, views of the world doesn’t make their judgment right. I made a point of using the word “evil” because someone who thinks that intentionally murdering civilians in cold blood is right deserves nothing better.

Donald Trump can be called nothing other than ignorant, narcissistic, and ethnocentric. But he, for all his defects, is not evil. He is just terribly misguided and a bad choice for Americans. It is worth keeping that in mind after seeing real evil unfold.

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Freedom Can’t Coexist With Campus Political Correctness – The Federalist

When feelings are given primacy over facts, there’s no way to evaluate the truth, which is necessary for making sound policy. How can one say Donald Trump is wrong that Mexico is “sending” the United States illegal immigrants if the truth doesn’t matter now? And didn’t he “feel” offended when Rich Lowry said Carly Fiorina emasculated him? Why not call for Lowry’s firing or a Federal Communications Commission fine?

When “safe spaces” are places where pushing and verbal abuse take place, when reality is based on the race, gender, or sexuality of a speaker, when words like “rich,” “poor,” “senior,” and “American” are considered “problematic,” reality ceases to exist and words have no meanings.

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