Apologies, as I was occupied with a lecture, by Dr Bettina Renz, on Hybrid warfare conducted by Russia. I am not allowed to discuss every detail, but suffice to say that I remain skeptical, as Dr Renz, as well as Dr Mark Galeotti, on the definition, effectiveness and scope of Russian capabilities. Hybrid Renz Talk

However, that’s not the major issue.

After Turkey shot down a Russian jet, I was asked, if there will be a third world war between NATO and Russia. Going by Russian response (bombing food aid convoy, blocking import, deporting Turkish businessmen) I say with extreme sarcasm, the carnage of the ongoing third world war are truly shocking to behold.

So, no…there won’t be a third world war, and you guys can carry on with your thanksgiving plans. There is too much at stake, for both Russia and NATO and neither side would want to escalate further. Let’s just say, this was a test, Putin has been testing NATO resolve, and Turkey was also waiting for an opportunity to show claws. This incident proved that NATO resolve is quite strong, and there is a risk of being burned if someone keeps playing with fire. My first weekly column explains that further.

Also, for those who think China would join an anti-ISIS coalition, good luck, it is not going to happen, as far as one beheading is concerned. China is more than happy to let other powers carry the security burden of middle east, as long as it can continue her mercantile policies in Africa, and focus on South China sea. Also, China has a homegrown Islamist problem, and I don’t think the Chinese leadership is dumb enough to add on to that. My second weekly column.

Before ending, I must say,

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