Old timers might remember, when we used to run this blog during the 2008/09 US Presidential Election season, we had a blog watch category.

Then as you know the story, my colleague and friend and co-editor of the blog, Mitchell, got busy with journalism as a full time foreign correspondent in China, and my career from being a conflict correspondent took a turn to academia and research and subsequently pursuing a PhD, alongside being a full time research assistant and foreign affairs columnist.

So, since this blog is resurrected, with multiple authors, I have decided that we will end this year with special mentions of a few blogposts, from blogs which I personally have started to read for quite some time now, or fellow academics and senior researchers/Professors who I follow on Twitter.

So here goes the list, in random order. 

  1. The Student Left’s Broken Moral Compass, by Tom Owolade, from UK…an excellent post, from an excellent gentleman, and most importantly, a fellow Arsenal fan.
  2. If US Intelligence on Russia is broken, what can be done to fix it, by Dr Mark Galeotti, someone I religiously follow, because of his expertise on Russian foreign policy, which is also my area of research.
  3. How Assad Funds The Islamic State, by Kyle Orton, which shows the complexity of possibly the most complicated war of this decade, and how linear narratives can be dangerous for policy.
  4. Darwinian Gender Studies: Un-poisoning the well, by Paula Wright. If you are tired and want a new fresh insight, of one academic’s battle against relentless militant third wave Feminism, this is your place to be.
  5. Coming in 2016: “The Death of Expertise”, the book, by Prof Tom Nichols, another Russia watcher and Sovietologist, and a forceful presence on Twitter. However, I chose this post, because this is one book I am dying to read/review next year.

Also, shameless self promotion, my 2014 paper was cited in a subsequent Nov 2015 paper in European Security Journal as you know, from my insane reaction finding my name alongside John Mearsheimer and Hans Morgenthau, which is due to the strict positioning of the alphabet M.

The paper, by the way, is now out, and it is a good read, on Russian foreign policy and Crimea through the lens of Neo-Classical Realism.

Finally, my book review of Dr Bobo Lo’s Russia and the New World Disorder is coming out next year in the Journal Political Studies Review. So, watch this space!

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