IMG_0449So, I presented my research proposal as a paper today, and it was great fun!

Was cut down Had some interesting feedback on my research design part, but otherwise came out pretty unscathed, so from a purely academic point of view, I would consider that a roaring success!

Here’re the main few points I mentioned.

  1. I am trying to predict a behavioral pattern, of Russia as a Great power, in light of a specific theory, in this case, Neo-Realism.
  2. It is an in-depth case study based research. Where the hypothesis is going to be tested in light of the theory, and then corroborated with case studies.
  3. It is a deductive research, qualitative and expository.

Anyone interested in discussing this project further, write a joint paper on this or working on similar research project, and want to suggest reading material and papers, feel free to comment or write to me on twitter!


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