Date: December 21, 2015

Today’s satires of SJWs are tomorrow’s student-led SJW campaigns

This July Bombs and Dollars editor Sumantra Maitra and I were laughing on Twitter about a Salon article that claimed belly dancing is cultural appropriation. It won’t be long before food is considered cultural appropriation, we joked!

Other #SalonPitches for @Salon: Why white people can’t eat Chinese food. Why Chinese ppl can’t dance salsa. Why Eminem sucks at rap. – Mitchell Blatt

And now this from the Oberlin Review:

CDS Appropriates Asian Dishes, Students Say

CDS Appropriates Asian Dishes, Students Say

Today’s satires of Social Justice Warriors are tomorrow’s SJW student protests.

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What would you pay for security?

Security is an expensive and precious commodity in the current age. Over the last decade in particular there has been an almost inconceivable increase in the amount of data available online. Equivalently, there has been a huge increase in the danger posed to the individual with an online presence.

Governmental bodies and software companies have taken advantage of the very real cyber threat by asserting standards of certification and authentication, normalizing online behaviour, and offering security packages designed to increase (the perception of) online security. Unfortunately, and as is becoming increasingly evident, security in cyberspace may be a pipe dream, at least in the sense of assured or total security.

I’m sure everyone has read at least the headlines of a half-dozen or more articles this year alone screaming about the massive loss of client or customer data by this firm or that. You’ve probably read or heard about the JPMorgan Chase hacks, the credit card info stolen from Target; maybe you yourself have been the victim of cyber exploitation. The point is, cyberspace is looking more and more like the American Wild West. Or possibly a game of Snakes and Ladders cut with the worst-ever game of Monopoly (pay each player $….). So, what would you do to remain (or become) safer online? 

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