That time of the year, when we sum up the best and worst of the year, and by God, I had my fair share.

Here are some career highlights.

  1. I finished one whole year as a regular foreign affairs columnist, and I am still continuing.
  2. I started my PhD research at the University of Nottingham.
  3. I started my job as a research assistant at the same University.
  4. I continued to write for Center of Land Warfare, New Delhi.
  5. We relaunched Bombs and Dollars!!!

Pretty good, huh?

Hopefully next year is going to be better, as one research paper, and one book review is under consideration in the Journal of International Relations (Medzinárodné vzťahy), and Political Studies Review, respectively, as well as couple of fellowships, talks of which are undergoing. I will also finally start teaching at Nottingham, two whole years after I stopped teaching at University of Otago, New Zealand.

So, I decided I am going to do some best of posts, highlighting some decent old posts, for readers, who might have missed it on the first go. Here’s the first few, pretty random mix, in no certain order.


I visited the home of Lord 6th Byron, the poet, warrior, playboy, and overall rockstar of that Romantic era, at NewStead Abbey,  and did a photo essay.

I interviewed Dr Janice Fiamengo, on her hard hitting anti-feminist Men’s rights movement, and Journalist and colleague Heidi Kingstone, on her book about her adventures in Afghanistan!

I skewered a “research paper” which claimed Vampires are humans, and have human rights. (Seriously…you should read this…just for the sheer sake of absurdity and entertainment) I also drew major flak, when I criticised third wave feminism being similar to Soviet communism.

I got published in CEJISS journal, where I stated that ultra right wing ethno-nationalism is just going to rise in Europe, and I guess, I don’t have to point out, how prescient that prediction was…not that I am happy about it.


I guess that’s all for this post! More to come…but this will keep you occupied for the holiday week. Enjoy your reading, and may God bless you this holiday season.

  • From a sincere, geeky and happy Agnostic, who was born as a Bengali Hindu Brahmin, but still misses the special Plum cakes his dad used to bring during Christmas in Kolkata, India, from a time, and land which now seems far away.




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