Donald Trump’s attacks on illegal immigrants, legal immigrants, foreigners, Hispanics, Muslims, and other minority groups seem to have had their intended effect. He is winning the racist vote.

Many of his supporters have gone beyond just shrieking about immigration and globalization to using racist slogans like “White Genocide.”

Ralph Johnson of the “White Genocide Project” wrote a post “thank[ing]” Donald Trump “for exposing White Genocide.” As their tweets show, they can hear the whistles Trump is blowing, and they want to thank him for blowing those whistles.

“White genocide” is the idea that diversity is bad because it increases the population of minority ethnic groups in the United States and thus decreases the percentage of whites. “White Genocide Project” includes a “Map of White Genocide”, which points to places where they think the minority population is increasing too quickly.

As expressed by some of Trump’s supporters, a major reason they support Donald Trump’s promises to build a “wall” is because they think it will prevent people who aren’t white from coming to America:

Henry Davenport, an author for “White Genocide Project”, expressed the common sentiment among Trump supporters that legal immigration should be stopped, too:

That wall looks pretty sturdy. I hope there’s no doors in it that LEGAL third world immigrants can pass through.

With his plan to ban Muslims from legally immigrating and his call to throw foreign students out of the U.S., Trump is appealing to those voters.

“White Genocide Project” tries to use’s petition network to spread their racist messages. One of them thanks Trump for bringing racism to the public. Others call on white nationalist candidate Bob Whitaker to support Trump.

Whitaker, who is running with the American Freedom Party, is the candidate besides Trump with the most support from the racist website. Whitaker’s campaign website includes the slogan, “‘Diversity’ is a CODEWORD for White Genocide.” According to “White Genocide Project”, Whitaker sent a racist robocall to Mississippi residents with the message, “We have to robocall you at home because we all know that the media will not carry our message: Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, white countries for everybody.”

Posters to the racist website Stormfront compared Trump to Hitler—favorably in their view:
racist-trump-1 copy
racist-trump-2 copy
racist-trump-3 copy

These are just a sampling of many of Trump’s supporters, especially the ones who are too scared to post under their own name. Notably many of the most explicitly racist supporters are also the most cowardly. Among the professional racists to support Trump’s campaign are Jared Taylor of “American Renaissance”, who says that Trump’s anti-immigrant policies make him “a president who would be good for white people,” and Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer, who said about Trump’s attack on Mexicans, “I agree with this entirely.”

In terms of broad-based surveys of the electorate, Trump consistently wins anti-immigrant voters by a big margin. A poll by the Washington Post and ABC News found Trump winning 51% of Republicans who support deporting 11 million illegal immigrants and blocking Middle Eastern refugees, compared to 32% of all Republicans.

It’s not incidental. Trump’s campaign ads and speeches and tweets are full of racist lines. He attacked black GOP candidate Ben Carson as a “violent criminal?” for having tried to stab a friend during his out of control youth. The ad asks you to choose whether you think Carson is a liar (if he lied about the incident) or a criminal (if the incident happened, as Carson says it did).

In another ad, Trump equated illegal immigrants of Hispanic descent with murderers. While airing Jeb Bush’s comments that illegal immigrants move to America as “an act of love” to give their families a better life, Trump aired photos of illegal immigrants who all happened to be non-white who were all allegedly charged with or convicted of murder. The implication was that the illegal immigrants Bush was referring to–who were guilty of border violations, not murder–were murderers. That’s in line with Trump’s announcement speech where he said “they” were “sending us” “criminals, drug dealers, rapists.”

Worst of all is Trump’s own fever swamp of a Twitter account. By now every campaign uses Twitter as an official means of communications, and Trump has been using it like crazy long before this year. This year, he has tweeted an image, created by a neo-Nazi, that falsely asserted that black people are responsible for 81% of white murders. Of course it’s just the opposite: 82% of murders of whites, according to the FBI, are committed by other whites. (And 90% of murders of blacks are committed by other blacks.)

He invokes President Obama’s race to try to blame him for the Baltimore riots. Remember that he was the most famous leader of the birther movement that refused to admit Obama was born in the United States, and even now he still won’t say Obama is an American-born American.

It needs to be said: Trump’s speeches, policies, and campaign messages are based on racist appeals. People who attribute his poll numbers to codewords like “working-class anger” (that means you, Bernie Sanders) are giving racists a pass. When Hillary Clinton slipped up in 2008 and said Obama was lacking support among “hard-working Americans, white Americans”, she exposed what that phrase really means; politicians use “working-class” and “anger” as synonyms for “poor white people” (who “cling to their guns and religion”). It’s not about “working-class people” when working-class blacks (68% unfavroable among all blacks) and Hispanics (65% unfavroable) hate Trump.

When CNN and Fox News and others put Trump on TV every day and credulously paint his statements as important news, they are doing democracy a disservice. Too many pundits are scared to call his appeal what it is. It is time to stop this silence.

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