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Are liberals “anti-American”?

The U.S. is one of the most liberal countries in the world. Why don’t liberals like it?

Scott Alexander, the (pseudonymous) writer behind the thoughtful liberal website Slate Star Codex, wrote about how his fellow liberal friends were offended because he celebrated the death of Osama bin Laden.

The worst reaction I’ve ever gotten to a blog post was when I wrote about the death of Osama bin Laden. I’ve written all sorts of stuff about race and gender and politics and whatever, but that was the worst.

I didn’t come out and say I was happy he was dead. But some people interpreted it that way, and there followed a bunch of comments and emails and Facebook messages about how could I possibly be happy about the death of another human being, even if he was a bad person?

Many people have noted that recently “liberals” haven’t been acting liberal. And here’s the perfect example. Liberals stand for protecting innocent lives, right? Osama bin Laden is a man who directed the murder of thousands of innocent humans and caused many more to die from the instability he created in the world*.

Liberals stand for religious tolerance, including the right to not believe any religion, right? Bin Laden would force people to follow a fundamentalist version of his religion and kill not only non-believers, but even people who followed different sects of Islam.

Liberals stand for minority rights, women’s rights, gay rights, and other human rights, tolerance, freedom to choose any way of life you want, right? Bin Laden would oppress the world into conformity through tyranny and violence. In his “Letter to America”, he attacked America for allowing women to serve in the armed forces, for allowing women to wear what they want, for being sexually positive, and for engaging in “immoral acts of fornication, homosexuality, intoxicants, gambling’s, and trading with interest.”

In short, conservatives have actually been right that “they hate us because we are free,” and liberals—real liberals—support those freedoms in principle. So it was really a great thing when bin Laden was killed by the U.S. in national self-defense.

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Referendum on Human Dignity Déjà-vu

Being the new kid on the blo(g)ck essentially comes hand in hand with a nagging sense of responsibility to avoid an embarrassing failure at the very first try and so I better spent a full week contemplating and wondering about the topic for my premier entry. After victoriously fleeing from the post-exam Italy and halfway to completing the sleeping marathon, the world news solved the conundrum pretty much on my behalf. “Italy’s parliament starts long-awaited debate on gay civil partnerships.” (Reuters). Born in Slovakia and, I repeat, just flying back from Italy; and having published the very first article on Slovakia´s Same-Sex Referendum… I have been obviously somewhat fatalistic and paternalistic. Not talking about the MA thesis that should be written before anything else.

The first thing to notice- and simultaneously the difference of a significant resonance- is the way the referendum is framed.

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UK – Russia and the Litvinenko paradox

The recent report by the Sir Robert Owen inquiry came out with a decidedly known report that it was at the behest of the Kremlin; Alexander Litvinenko was murdered in London in 2006. The facts of the case are this. Litvinenko was a former KGB officer turned Putin critic who was living in London and was in a moderate stipend by the MI6 for his expertise in understanding the Russian mafia in Europe. The British and Spanish intelligence were working at the same time jointly to unearth Russian mafia ties with the populist parties and the mafia in Spain, and Litvinenko was providing valuable information regarding that. In 2006, Litvinenko was visited by his two former colleagues; one of them is a current MP in Russian Duma, and both of them former intelligence officers. After drinking from a poisoned cup of tea, Litvinenko started vomiting and the rest, as they say, is history.

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Davos 2016 Sum-up: Panic of the Western “elites” and the division within the left

The Davos 2016 World economic forum was concluded, with its usual pomp and grandiloquent rhetoric. While it started as a genuine intention to bring power brokers, including the most powerful men and women, including its critics from the right and left, to decide on the fate of the world, it is increasingly proving to be lofty emptiness, and broken multi stake holder initiatives. The model of elites gathering and deciding the fate of the world is showing to be a failure with every passing day and every meaningless quotes and false outrages and pseudo vows.

Here’s what I gathered from following the Davos 2016.

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Fascism, incompetence, and disgrace: Why Bombs and Dollars takes a stand #AgainstTrump

There are many candidates running for president. Anyone make an argument for why one is better than the rest, and Americans will have that chance starting February 1 when Iowa caucuses. But almost all of the candidates who have a shot at winning pass the very basic test of being competent enough to govern. Almost all of them know about the policies, try to understand how to fix the country’s problems, and care to even a minimal degree about being respectable, discussing the issues, and working with all Americans. All but one.

This week the esteemed conservative magazine National Review put out its “Against Trump” issue, and we have heard from the usual suspects at Fox News and in the establishment that we need to “get in line.” “How dare they trash the frontrunner!”

How dare we indeed? Donald Trump has never trashed anyone, after all!

But telling the truth isn’t the same as being a vulgar hot mess who randomly attacks people for no reason or for speaking truth to power. The fact is, Trump is an extraordinarily unqualified, classless, and authoritarian wannabe who could do great damage to the country if elected. As I am an opinion journalist, who writes columns, it is my job to point that out. There is no contradiction between taking a stand and being an opinion journalist—indeed, having and expressing an opinion is what opinion journalists are supposed to do. The best of them took on arrogant and corrupt leaders. George Orwell took up his pen against imperialism, pacifism, and fascism (not to mention his gun in Spain); Hunter S. Thompson took on Nixon in Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail ‘72; Chinese intellectuals were persecuted for writing about the mania, violence, and starvation under the Mao’s campaigns and Cultural Revolution; and of course William F. Buckley spent a career making the intellectual argument for conservatism, supporting the spread of individual freedom around the world via anti-Communist foreign policy and at home, including critiquing the narcissism of Trump.

Here we have a candidate who threatens to sue newspapers for reporting on his bankruptcies, who said

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Donald Trump is the biggest collectivist

Last year I wrote a post on how the biggest political divide today is between collectivists (or authoritarians) and individualists, not left vs right. Trump had already announced his presidential campaign then, but little did I know how tyrannically politically correct he would be be, threatening to sue newspapers for reporting on him and conservative groups for running ads against him and all manner of other anti-free speech activity.

I made a chart at the time showing how people on the left or right can either choose to support freedom or coercion. Now I have modified the chart to put Trump in his proper place. Note that he is in the middle of the political spectrum, because while he isn’t actually conservative on very many issues.

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Hello, everyone.

My name is Doug Welch, and many online will know me as Stix or Stix1972.  I  have been involved in conservative politics online for the past 15 years or so for the most part.  Politics has become a tribal warfare between factions of  the cults that follow a certain politician.  It has come down to “Either you like my candidate or you are a RINO.”  UGH.

But it has come time to come out of the woodwork and get behind the NRO’s #AgainstTrump campaign. Trump has taken this primary season to a new low and we must make a stand against his brand of populism and keep it out of the Republican Party.

Trump goes against almost everything the GOP and conservatives hold dear. He is for eminent domain for his own gain.  He is pro-choice. He is for raising taxes. He likes universal healthcare. And the list goes on and one…


This does not even go into the vile and crude followers of his on Twitter and Facebook, about whom I will mention in a moment.

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Donald Trump has never opposed political correctness

Why is a former Ron Paul aide and self-proclaimed “libertarian” voting for Donald Trump, who wants to shut down the internet?

Eric Dondero, who was a Congressional aide to Rep. Ron Paul from 1997-2003, tweeted that he was a libertarian who was supporting Trump. As I noted, there is one problem with his assertion:

Dondero said he thought Trump was anti-PC:

As I have written before, Trump isn’t anti-political correctness. In fact, he gets offended all the time and tries to suppress speech. He is, as I said, the SJW candidate.

Anyone who wants to sue newspapers for reporting factual news stories and have the FCC fine dissidents is by definition not anti-PC and not pro-free speech.

At the end of the post, I will include a long list of examples of Trump’s politically correct positions, but first, my response:

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A conversation with Ron Paul aide Eric Dondero

Eric Dondero was an aide for Rep. Ron Paul from 1997-2003 and a staffer on Paul’s 1988 presidential campaign. I spoke with him on Twitter about his support for Donald Trump in the 2016 campaign.

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Donald Trump tweets “white genocide” (multiple times)

On December 30, I wrote about how white supremacist groups like the “White Genocide Project” have endorsed Trump. Racists on Twitter tweet, “Thank you for fighting #WhiteGenocide, Donald!”

Trump has seen hundreds of these tweets, and now he got into the act:
racist copy

It’s far from the first time Trump tweeted outright racism. On November 22, he tweeted a meme made up by a neo-Nazi falsely claiming that 81% of white murders are done by blacks.

In July, he tweeted, “#JebBush has to like the Mexican Illegals because of his wife.”

The “white genocide” tweet follows a long campaign of his fans thanking Trump for “fighting white genocide.” I included some examples in my earlier article. Those white supremacists like Jared Taylor who support Trump’s immigration plan think that there are too many minorities “genociding” whites in America.

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