So, India, which thinks itself to be an upcoming Great power, got soot-faced when Jihadis targeted an Indian Airforce base. They didn’t get anywhere, but it was still embarrassing for a “Great power”. As I write here, why.

On the other hand, China came out with it’s first Arab policy paper. Utterly vague, with loads of historical reference, as you would expect from a Deputy Secretary level Bureaucrat wasting his precious Friday evening. On the other hand, maybe not…it’s China what do you do on a Friday eve anyway. Jokes apart, it is important, because it is the first paper regarding the region, which highlights how important it is for China. My piece here.

Finally, this one is interesting, a debate regarding the future of the world order, from Chinese perspective. Funny, cause it never highlights any change in the World order. So essentially China is and will be following the same liberal international order, but in a Chinese version of it. Like a bag from the aptly named “Lose Vuitton” in a Hongkong flea market. I am not joking, this is actually an interesting debate which highlights the difference between the foreign policy thought process. My piece here.

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