On the eve of President Barack Obama’s verbose, long, and overtly rhetorical last annual State of the Union address, which can in my opinion, in right concentration technically be weaponised as it was so boring and devoid of policy that it can kill, Iran did an interesting thing, captured ten US sailors in gunpoint. The details are sketchy, but here it goes. Two riverine fast water craft of the US navy, allegedly broke down, and entered Iranian waters. Iran intercepted them, and arrested the sailors, and brought them to Iranian shores for questioning. Ten sailors, including one woman were then kept in confinement, and then within 24 hours, they were released after a thorough questioning. At no point was anyone ill-treated, or tortured or threatened. In two more days five other Americans including a Washington Post journalist were also released.

The hardliners in both the countries are not happy, especially in US. Given the fact that this is election season is not helping either. Apparently the US is weak, and the Obama administration has given up on strength to control deviant powers and Iran, emboldened by the new nuclear deal is pushing the limits of American resolve. This will only get worse, and other powers would also push US as the perception of America is now a weak country. To sum it up, in short, it is all the fault of the nuclear deal. That’s the ongoing narrative. That’s also very wrong.

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