Donald Trump tweets “white genocide” (multiple times)

On December 30, I wrote about how white supremacist groups like the “White Genocide Project” have endorsed Trump. Racists on Twitter tweet, “Thank you for fighting #WhiteGenocide, Donald!”

Trump has seen hundreds of these tweets, and now he got into the act:
racist copy

It’s far from the first time Trump tweeted outright racism. On November 22, he tweeted a meme made up by a neo-Nazi falsely claiming that 81% of white murders are done by blacks.

In July, he tweeted, “#JebBush has to like the Mexican Illegals because of his wife.”

The “white genocide” tweet follows a long campaign of his fans thanking Trump for “fighting white genocide.” I included some examples in my earlier article. Those white supremacists like Jared Taylor who support Trump’s immigration plan think that there are too many minorities “genociding” whites in America.

UPDATE: Trump tweeted another message about “white genocide” on January 25:

NOTE: His birther campaign against Ted Cruz is pretty xenophobic, too:

UPDATE II: Neil Turner, aka “#WhiteGenocide,” is one of Trump’s favorite pundits. He RT-ed him more than once:

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson, in 2012, attacked Barack Obama and Mitt Romney for having foreign-born parents. (George Romney was a natural-born American whose American parents were living on in a Mormon colony when he was born, and Barack Obama’s father was in America legally as a student.)

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  1. julie

    Responding or retweet doesn’t always mean endorsement , and even if it did, the content of the tweets has nothing to do with racism. Finally there is a concerted effort on the part of marxist elites to wipe out white peoples and cultures through mass immigration and attacks on white history.

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