Hello, everyone.

My name is Doug Welch, and many online will know me as Stix or Stix1972.  I  have been involved in conservative politics online for the past 15 years or so for the most part.  Politics has become a tribal warfare between factions of  the cults that follow a certain politician.  It has come down to “Either you like my candidate or you are a RINO.”  UGH.

But it has come time to come out of the woodwork and get behind the NRO’s #AgainstTrump campaign. Trump has taken this primary season to a new low and we must make a stand against his brand of populism and keep it out of the Republican Party.

Trump goes against almost everything the GOP and conservatives hold dear. He is for eminent domain for his own gain.  He is pro-choice. He is for raising taxes. He likes universal healthcare. And the list goes on and one…


This does not even go into the vile and crude followers of his on Twitter and Facebook, about whom I will mention in a moment. White supremacists and all-out racist morons go after anyone that does not agree with Trump. His following reminds me on the Ronulan horde that went after anyone that did not agree with the Head Ronulan, Ron Paul.

I understand why people are upset and may look at Trump, and go “there is someone that will stick it to the Establishment.” But he is part of the so-called Establishmnent and a big time crony capitalist.  He pays for polticians–including those very leftists like Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid who have been responsible for much of the problems–to do his bidding.

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, or know me in real life, you know I am a supporter of Marco Rubio. I think he has the best chance to win in the general election against Hillary or Sanders.  With that said, I would happily vote for Cruz or any of the other candidates in the GOP race, except Trump.  Trump is in no way a conservative.  He is the antithesis of what conservatives believe in. He has no moral or political anchor to his beliefs.  He will say and do anything to get elected.

We need to win this election and Donald Trump has the worst approval of any of the candidates and will not win in a general election.
trump favorabilitytrump-26 copy

Think before you vote for another narcissist into office.


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