Date: February 2, 2016

So, is this considered “Impact” enough for a budding academic?

As promised, here’s something…to mention in an otherwise crappy start to a year thus far!

So, how’s this for an Impact Factor?

I started writing columns for Russia-Direct, which is a subsidiary of Foreign Policy Magazine and Washington Post. This is my first column, on how 17th century India and Mughal empire is strikingly similar to modern Russia and Russia’s foreign policy.



As you can guess, it is a bit controversial topic…but with immense policy relevance. Let me know what you think, in the comments!



Primary Thoughts: Trump’s narrative shattered, Rubio’s grows

Some thoughts on the U.S. presidential nomination’s Iowa caucuses:
– Trump’s second-place loss hurts two of his narratives: 1.) that he’s an invincible “winner”; 2.) that high turnout and new voters help him. CNN reported that some of the new voters came out to vote against him. Turnout hit a record for the Iowa GOP caucus.

  • Rubio must be the mainstream/”establishment” choice. Bush, Kasich, and Christie will all damage each other competing against each other in New Hampshire if they all stay in the race. Rubio attracts conservative grassroots and establishment.

  • In fact Rubio lost to Trump by less than the total number of votes Bush received. If just him, or all three of the governors weren’t running, Trump almost certainly would have placed third.

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