Second-place finisher in Iowa Donald Trump tweets so much racist bullshit that it is hard to keep track.

Here’s one I missed. On January 28, when he was campaigning against Fox News’s debate, he tweeted an image of “Mygan Kelly” photoshopped with some Saudi people. The text falsely stated that Prince Al-Waleed was the co-owner of Fox News. (Apparently Prince Al-Waleed is a Muslim, or something, and so he’s in favor of having women as moderators. I don’t know what Trump’s thinking was.)

Unlike most people, I accually did “GOOGLE IT!” and here’s what I found:
false copy

According to news accounts, Prince Al-Waleed’s investment firm, Kingdom Holding Company, holds a 6.6% stake in 21st Century Fox, the parent corporation of the Fox News Group (which includes the Fox News Channel and the Fox Business Network) — a sizable chunk, but far from a controlling or co-controlling interest in the company.