Date: February 20, 2016

Fug and Languor in Pre-election Slovakia

After a few weeks pause forced on me by an overly competent laptop servicemen, I can finally relate to Plato´s caveman at the moment of leaving the cave. Or to a person getting rid of a plaster. It is next to impossible to describe that state of disability when so much is happening in the world of politics and you can only helplessly and passively watch without commenting on it, though, maybe–try to imagine having your hands tied behind your back by a sinister PC doctor who does not explain or articulate prognoses. I have experimented and so I cordially do not recommend eating yourself through that frustration but anyway. Let´s recap on what happened meanwhile and on draft articles which I managed to trash as they seemed not to be relevant any longer.

Hunt on truth goes on and as a part of demonstrating the willingness to shut up any blithering journalist, an aspiring Italian PhD student researching on Egypt´s trade unions went to ride a metro in Cairo and … was found dead. Live from Italy, I can confirm that the country seems to be back to everyday life and the loss of Guilio Regeni´s life henceforth aggravates fellow students and reporters only.

The world opinion regarding immigration continues to clash and Austria sets asylum limits. Resentment goes viral, public opinion infected and passer-by, bearded hipsters are increasingly more often confused with Muslims.

Visegrad cooperation turns 25 and I feel slightly better that it is not only me who is getting old.

Pope visits Mexico, Ankara is shaken by the bus explosion, Zika spreads further, Apple encryption debate unfolds and the threat of Brexit remains to be the source of nightmares for many statesmen. Fighting in Syria as well as Trump are both far from coming to an end. Sex with animals remains banned in Germany.

Opinions and comments on these unfolding events mushroom faster than the situation on the ground manages to develop and so instead of adding to general confusion and ongoing debates, I will now take you to the Slovak Wonderland.

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Beyonce, Iraq, and conservative political correctness

Conservatives have a tendency to associate “political correctness” with liberalism. That is a mistake, because doing so would politicize the term. Critics of political correctness shouldn’t discriminate when opposing PC.

What would you call an incident where someone made a speech expression and then that person’s critics expressed unreasonably emotional outrage, twisted the facts, and then tried to boycott that person? When Rush Limbaugh tried to buy the NFL’s Rams as part of an ownership group and was forced to drop out after a campaign that involved Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton argued that views he had expressed were too racist (some of which were fake quotes, which CNN apologized for). Limbaugh attributed it at the time to “political correctness.”

Now go back to the NFL and there is currently another outrage-induced racial controversy going on. Only this time, it’s conservatives who are outraged and calling for a boycott.

Beyonce and Black Panthers

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