My name is Marybeth Glenn, and I go by the handle @MBGlenn on Twitter, and I’m also the sarcastic mind behind the The Collision Blog. I was obsessed with writing and American history by the time I was 10, so political involvement naturally followed. I’m a small government conservative who refuses to be fed my opinions by the media talking heads, and I think this world would be a much better place if we all laughed a little more, researched a lot more, and stood by our principles – regardless of their popularity.

Which brings me to the reason for this post: I will never vote for Donald Trump.I have various reasons to oppose a Trump presidency, but first and foremost would be the preservation of conservative heritage. We are the movement that fought slavery, championed equal rights, and stood with minorities for civil rights. We are the movement of compassion, decency, and inclusion. I will not be an obsequious accomplice to the overhaul of every principle that gives this movement worth. Trump stands for anger, bitterness, and the disregard of minorities, women and ethical conservatism.

To stand by and allow his rise, or vote for such ideology out of desperation, would be to aid in ordering the assassination of our moral compass.

Donald Trump stands for big government, but it’s his own brand of big government. He has praised various dictators, touted dangerous forms of socialist health care, and consistently supported a militaristic attempt at mass deportation. His immigration proposal alone would increase the size of government exponentially, and cause irreparable damage to our economy. He’s gone so far as to praise a previous attempt at repatriation that resulted in chaos (“Operation Wetback”), one such instance resulted in the death of 88 human beings who were left in a dessert and succumbed to the heat. His Fascist ideology is toxic, and his recently exposed intentions to create a Pravda-esque media through making it easier for public figures to win frivolous libel suits is deplorable. Conservatives have fought such suffocating bureaucracy since our beginnings, and now – out of misdirected anger – many are fully embracing such damaging changes.

Related: CNN: “Trump has a history of filing SLAPP suits. … This describes a lawsuit filed against someone for exercising his or her First Amendment rights — filed with little chance of success, but with the knowledge that the lawsuit itself is the punishment.”

Donald Trump is also an unmitigated liar with a track record of failure. The violence required for his immigration proposals would never pass, and anyone who tells you otherwise is, quite simply, also lying. He’s not as savvy in the business world as he proclaims to be, with various failures under his belt, as well as a list of bankruptcies – in casinos, no less. Conservatives support capitalism; Trump stands for cronyism, has made his fortune at the expense of others, and is now under investigation for fraud. While Democrats do not mind putting forth a criminal as their candidate, conservatives of good character should be revolted by the idea of doing the same.

The list of negatives is long, including his accolades for eminent domain abuse, the intent to disregard due process, his constant scapegoating of minorities, a possible trade war with China, his encouragement of war crimes, his support of Planned Parenthood, etc… To put it simply, this is a man that I not only find to be as disgraceful as Hillary Clinton, but even more dangerous. He has the potential to destroy the only party with the power to ever hold Hillary accountable, and he is also partly to blame for helping the individuals currently destroying our country rise to power.

For the sake of conservatism, and for the sake of our country, I will never vote for Donald Trump, and neither should you.

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