Days after “#NeverTrump” began trending, Donald Trump is underperforming at the Saturday, March 5th primaries.

Going into Kansas, two polls gave Trump leads at 35% and 26%, with Cruz at 29% and 14% respectively. Cruz ended up winning with 48% to Trump’s 23%.

Maine polls are not available at FiveThirtyEight, but Maine’s unpopular governor Paul LePage endorsed Trump, and Trump did well in other northeastern states. With 9% of the vote in, Cruz is winning 43% to 36%.

Trump is leading Kentucky by a 41% to 30% margin with 26% in. Louisiana polls have yet to report results. (9:48 pm)

UPDATED (Sunday, 7:45 am): Cruz won Maine 45.9% to 32.6%.

Trump won Louisiana 41.4% to 37.8%. With Rubio getting 11% and Kasich getting 6%. This indicates that Trump would have a hard time winning a two-man race. So far he has not won a majority of any state.

Trump also won Kentucky by a small margin, 35.9% to 31.6%, with Rubio and Kasich pulling 16% and 14% respectively.

Cruz won in total delegates, adding 64 to Trump’s 49.

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