Date: March 6, 2016

Clinton’s Albright Intervention

Or, If you have a uterus, vote Clinton!

Hillary Rodham Clinton is supposed to be the next generation of American President. One of the foundation stones of her campaign platform is becoming the very first female President in United States history. Intellectually, this would be an interesting foray into a possible political future. Certainly as a woman, the idea of a woman holding what is arguably the most powerful position in the world is a coveted ideal. It would be a beacon of hope not just for women and feminists, but for minority groups and the marginalized everywhere that pursue equal rights for all.

And this particular beacon is faltering. For the second time.

Hillary Clinton is a consummate politician. Throughout both the Presidency of Bill Clinton, and her time as Secretary of State for President Barack Obama, HRC showed the skill required to navigate international politics and succeed in her foreign policy aims. She should, therefore, have known better than to bring in someone who would imply that women should vote for Clinton simply because they share a gender. That is not politics. That is not spreading awareness.

That is idiocy.

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Analysis – Slovak Parliamentary Elections 2016: Hopes Raised, Hopes Dashed?

Yesterday, on March 5th, Slovakia held the long awaited parliamentary election. What was expected to be the decisive moment for the country´s future turned out to be something that can be, in a nutshell, summarised by the heading ´hopes raised, hopes dashed´. Aside from the little change that results, one attempt to steal the ballot box and sudden death of a pensioner, there had been multiple reported efforts to manipulate the process. In the end, even though hundreds of voters received the package of ballot papers coincidentally including more leading party´s copies at the expense of the one which scored the second place; the election has been pronounced valid and Robert Fico´s SMER (The Direction) is now searching for its coalition junior partner.

While my peers already researched on the possibilities to be granted a political asylum elsewhere- starting from the Zeman´s Czech Republic to Republic of Ghana; I am still contemplating and trying to analyse and understand the meaning and potential consequences of what has just happened and why. 

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