Date: March 14, 2016

New Paper : “Was Putin Ever Friendly to the West?” March, 2016.

“Was Putin Ever Friendly to the West?” : An Expository Study
Of the First Two Terms of President Vladimir Putin, In
Light of the Theories of Realism

(Journal of International Relations. 2016, Vol XIV, Issue 1, Pgs 58–92.)

Download the whole paper HERE.


Flashback: In 1988 Trump was fooled by fake Gorbachev

If you look up “gullible” in the dictionary, you’ll see a picture of Donald Trump. (I’m serious, try it!)

He has retweeted images of murderers and serial killers and Mussolini quotes from accounts made to troll Trump. He also has a thing for Russian leaders.

So in 1988, Trump rushed to see a Gorbachev look-alike, who was walking around Manhattan on the same day the real Gorbachev arrived there:

The impersonator’s act apparently was good enough to fool real estate tycoon Donald Trump, who recently learned Gorbachev turned down a chance to visit the developer’s glittering Trump Tower.

Trump, accompanied by bodyguards, rushed down from his nearby office and pushed his way through the crowd for a chance to pump the hand of the world leader.

“He looked fabulous and he sounded fabulous, but I knew it couldn’t be right,” Trump said. “For one thing, I looked into the back of his limo and saw four very attractive women.”

Article: “Gorbachev look-alive fools Trump and media,” AP

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