Weekly Reading List: All about foreign policy Realism.

Hi everyone, been long we had a Weekly Reading List! Not weekly anymore, unfortunately, as I am busy with my work and research, but as Easter break is approaching, and I will be immersed full time in my PhD thesis, here’re a few articles which I want to leave you guys with, which I wrote in the last one month.

JIR2016_1First, the big one.

My research paper got published, titled “Was Putin Ever Friendly to the West?”: An Expository Study of the First Two Terms of President Vladimir Putin, In Light of the Theories of Realism. (Journal of International Relations, Faculty of International Relations, University of Economics in Bratislava 2016, Volume XIV, Issue 1, Pages 58-92. ISSN 1336-1562 (print), ISSN 1339-2751 (online) Published 15. 3. 2016)

You can download the full paper here.

Aurangzeb_in_old_age_2Secondly, most of you would remember I wrote a comparative piece on how modern Russia is like seventeenth century India under the Mughals? I went a bit further and compared Putin and the medieval Indian emperor Aurangzeb. (Which, incidentally got a nice review here!)

I wrote two articles on Russia-Direct, the first one on how unlikely it is for Russia to actually invade the Baltics, and the second one on the fact that Russia and US is not in any New Cold war, but just a usual Great power rivalry with competition and cooperation happening simultaneously.

I also wrote one long essay for The Interpreter Magazine, on how contrary to popular belief, Obama is not a Realist…infact he doesn’t seem to understand what Realism in foreign policy means.

With regards to my weekly columns, here are they. 

On South China sea, I wrote why there is a perfect Security Dilemma happening, and why US and China can’t understand whether to compete or cooperateimrs

I also wrote what’s in store for the future of the Chinese economy after the G20 and the Two Sessions.

Finally, I wrote about why Wang Yi and Barack Obama are more similar in some aspects, and what explains Putin’s latest move in Syria.

Hope that’s quite a bit? Enjoy, read and share, and let me know if I missed something!

Happy St Paddy’s day and Easter from England, folks!

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  1. A.I.Schmelzer

    Comparing him to Aurganzeb is still a stretch. Bismark is a far closer fit.

    Mughals also arent exactly a good fit to contemporary Putin Russia because Putins Russia is ruled by its native elites, while the Mughals, especially under the severe Aurganzeb, were culturally and religious strangers.

    Concerning your paper: I would seriously recommend ditching the notion that “Russian alliance with France and Germany was an appeasement of Russia”. This is flat out wrong. Opinion, both amongst the elite and especially among the people, in Germany was incredibly against the Iraq war, because it was stupid, criminal, counter productive and American propaganda linking Sadamm Hussein to 9/11 and Al-Quaida in particular was considered to be an insult to the intelligence of the German people.

    It would also be interesting to hear what you would consider a “friendly Russia” to be.

    You general assertion that Russia cannot be friendly because its alliance with the US post 9/11 was based on self interest (which it was) is also exceedingly doubtful and frankly relies on peculiar definition of “friendly”.
    On the contrary, enduring friendships between states are based on the rational realist self interests of both actors, and can be very long term if these interests find sufficient common ground over a sufficiently long time period.

    Russia has repeatedly attempted to reach an accomodation with the USA, it made considerable and good faith offers in that vein and contributed to US interests as a show of further good faith. The USA said no, and may have believed that such offerings by Russia are something it is entitled to. Russia then stopped making such offers, and stopped doing favors.
    In the light of US actions since the Iraq war, continuing to attempt currying its favor would simply be misguided, dangerous, feckless and a waste of resources.

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