Date: April 7, 2016

Sanders: Anti-trade by any other name

Sanders would end trade with China, if he is being logically honest

Isolationists don’t like being called “isolationists.” An isolationist will tell you they just want South Korea to pay more for its defense or that World War II ended 70 years ago, and that he isn’t an isolationist, he’s just an “non-interventionist.” (See my article on Rand Paul’s isolationism.)

So it is that when the New York Daily News asked Bernie Sanders about trade (Daily News interview analysis), he went to great lengths to explain he isn’t anti-trade.

“I’m not anti-­trade. We live in a global economy, we need trade.” … “So I think we need trade.” … “In other words, I do believe in trade.”

But are his pleas on the matter, like those of a certain candidate on the size of his “hands,” meant to mask a real truth?

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Rand Paul, Obama, Sanders and Trump cannot possibly all be Realists


Over the week the academic feud of categorisation of The Donald’s foreign policy entered round two.

Couple of weeks back, readers will remember, there was a twitter debate if Donald Trump’s foreign policy is realist, which bordered around three basic points,

  1. His actual policy, if it is even coherent or not.
  2. His Realist tendencies.
  3. His understanding of Realism.

Stephen Walt and Dan Drezner, both subsequently wrote about it.

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