Big week, as I mentioned before, with a couple of major publications coming, other than my regular columns.

To start with, the biggest one till date, my essay on War on the Rocks, where I write a Neo-Realist critique of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s latest revisionist history lesson. And was then called a Neo-Con for some reason, in the comments. But that’s another issue.

The second big one was my guest post at the official blog of the University of Nottingham, Dept of Politics and IR, where I talk about a foreign policy course for Philippines and how it should balance between China and US.

Other than that, here are my weekly columns.

I talk about how and why modern democracy is flawed, and why Donald Trump’s rise is the most devastating representation of the same.

I also analyse the Brussels attacks and how they might change European debate about security and liberty.

I talk about the NSS2016, and how the nuclear security cooperation is to continue, and how there is visible change in rhetoric regarding the same. On the other hand, I also lament, that what could be a nice G2 burden sharing as evident from the Sino-US forum, is hampered by the protectionist rhetoric from both the major parties in US.

That’s quite a bit for now! Happy reading!

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