Incase you missed.


If you don’t know this man, or what he did, you don’t deserve to call yourself literate or educated. But that’s beyond the point.

This…symbolises everything that’s wrong with Europe. 

Where, rapists and pedophiles have more rights than their victims. Where right wing mass murderers like Breivik as well as Islamist terrorists have more rights than the people they kill. Where Human Rights have lost all meaning and has become a complete joke.

This is Breivik’s jail, by the way…where he lives in taxpayer’s money. I am a researcher, and my flat is half as luxurious as his. Shows the priority of the European states.


If you don’t understand why people are angry at Europe for making a mockery of human rights, then this is your start.

Someone told me, my morality is primitive, because I want people like Breivik to be hanged, and I went on a mini-rant.

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Remember, if you need one cause to outrage, let it be this. Outrage against these people living off taxpayers money, in Bernie Sander’s ideal society.

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