Cg5NHGAWsAAjTa-I met Dr Joseph Parent from Miami Uni today. Also attended his seminar and talk, and frankly, it was the best talk I heard since I started my PhD! Dude’s an absolute legend!

The basic idea of his talk was the Great powers retrench, whether they like it or not, and it’s upto them how they can use it to their advantage and what policies they can adopt. Here’s his Website and his published papers. Check it out.

But that’s not what I am here for. There is a common argument, from the left and ultra right, that all the wars that happens, are because of oil. You can see the echo in conspiracy theories, in journalists who has no knowledge of IR trying to find a meaning and causality in an anarchic world, and people find it hard to believe that, take it or not, oil is not why states go to war. So, next time, you see a Greenpeace/CodePink/StopTheWar protest placard about war and oil, or Donald Trump lamenting how he would have “taken the oil” after “bombing the sh*t” out of the ISIS oilfields, (whatever in seven hells, that means) just know it’s garbage.

Here’s the path breaking research paper that dispels the “war for oil” myth. The abstract goes like this. 


As you can see…it is a thorough research with full models, and case studies, once and for all breaking the myth which all too often has permeated in our political discourse, so much so, that it is now treated as a fact. There is a war/intervention? Must be for oil. There is no war? Must be because there is no oil.

It’s frankly laughable for us political scientists or economists…but it is pretty much treated as Bible truth otherwise. Hopefully, not anymore.

Here’s the groundbreaking paper by Emily Meierding, please read and share!

And tell anyone off, when they are being idiots…

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