It’s about time.

Everyone knows Game of Thrones…I hope? Well, seriously, if you don’t…you are not supposed to call yourself a Politics/IR/Econ nerd.

Now, all those knowledgeable with the Good/Evil and Law/Chaos alignment scheme from Dungeons and Dragons, must know how it goes?


The two axes, one the Y axis, ranging from Good to Evil, and in the X axis, ranging from Lawful to Chaotic.

That gives us a range of 9 dimensions, Lawful Good (Crusader), Neutral Good (Benefactor), Chaotic Good (Rebel), Lawful Neutral (Judge), True Neutral (Undecided), Chaotic Neutral (Free spirit).

And, finally…the ones we need; Lawful Evil (Dominator), Neutral Evil (Malefactor), and Chaotic Evil (Destroyer).

Now, before going into the analysis part, Let’s dispense of the fact that no one among our three contenders, Hillary, Bernie, or Trump is Good, or Neutral. First of all, there are no Good, or Neutral in the world of Politics. If you think there is, I’m afraid, you don’t know how Politics works, or you’re too naive, gullible and idealistic to think one man or woman can or is able to change the World. There are forces of politics, economics, diplomacy which controls our actions, as individuals as well as leaders, and even the actions of politicians, diplomats, and leaders are bound by it, regardless of the bombastic rhetoric you hear from them during the campaigns.

So, if you’re a “loyal”, “unchangeable” supporter of Bernie, Trump or Hillary, go away now. This post is not for you, is not attempting to engage you or change your ideas, you’re too thick for that anyway, doesn’t care about your feelings, at all, and frankly thinks you’re too puerile to vote in a democracy.

For the rest, here’s what it brings me to… 

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