It’s about time.

Everyone knows Game of Thrones…I hope? Well, seriously, if you don’t…you are not supposed to call yourself a Politics/IR/Econ nerd.

Now, all those knowledgeable with the Good/Evil and Law/Chaos alignment scheme from Dungeons and Dragons, must know how it goes?


The two axes, one the Y axis, ranging from Good to Evil, and in the X axis, ranging from Lawful to Chaotic.

That gives us a range of 9 dimensions, Lawful Good (Crusader), Neutral Good (Benefactor), Chaotic Good (Rebel), Lawful Neutral (Judge), True Neutral (Undecided), Chaotic Neutral (Free spirit).

And, finally…the ones we need; Lawful Evil (Dominator), Neutral Evil (Malefactor), and Chaotic Evil (Destroyer).

Now, before going into the analysis part, Let’s dispense of the fact that no one among our three contenders, Hillary, Bernie, or Trump is Good, or Neutral. First of all, there are no Good, or Neutral in the world of Politics. If you think there is, I’m afraid, you don’t know how Politics works, or you’re too naive, gullible and idealistic to think one man or woman can or is able to change the World. There are forces of politics, economics, diplomacy which controls our actions, as individuals as well as leaders, and even the actions of politicians, diplomats, and leaders are bound by it, regardless of the bombastic rhetoric you hear from them during the campaigns.

So, if you’re a “loyal”, “unchangeable” supporter of Bernie, Trump or Hillary, go away now. This post is not for you, is not attempting to engage you or change your ideas, you’re too thick for that anyway, doesn’t care about your feelings, at all, and frankly thinks you’re too puerile to vote in a democracy.

For the rest, here’s what it brings me to… 

So, for the lack of better word, all three are evil. And democracy is a choice wherein we choose the least evil. So who’s what and how do we judge what’s least evil?

Here’s my hypothesis, Hillary is like Queen Cersei…Lawful Evil. She’s crooked when it comes to policy and money, hypocritical when it comes to feminism, and incompetent when it comes to understanding the reasons why official secrets are to be handled carefully, but she has changed recently. She is poised, in the face of extreme rhetoric, from both her own side, and the opposition, and has commendably stayed away from getting down to the level of the other two, old males desperate for power, which is ironic, knowing how much she craves that power. Finally, she stays within the boundaries of known legal evil…and has no urge for any overwhelming change, from either the left or the right. Which brings us to…

Bernie Sanders being like the High Sparrow, or Neutral Evil. Almost religiously fanatical in his rhetoric, of destroying everything and starting to build from the ashes, Sanders is the typical Robespierre of his generation. Revolution tastes, sounds, feels exciting…but one needs to remember, not a single revolution ever in this planet’s history, has formed a society which has been better. Because revolution destroys the system anyway, and the elites and hierarchy are replaced by another hierarchy. Why Neutral Evil? Because revolutionaries genuinely don’t want to destroy everything, but their intention starts from making things better for everyone. Which is what makes them so fanatical, ideological and dangerous. From Robespierre, to Lenin, Mao to ISIS…it is the ideological fanatics and their followers who has done the most harm to this World.

Trump is the Chaotic Evil, like King Joffrey, or Ramsay Bolton. He is narcissistic, egotistical, delusional, and idiotic. He doesn’t know anything, doesn’t care to learn, and has a fragile ego, whines and moans, and is basically a caricature. His policies are idiotic, and frankly, he speaks whatever comes to his mind, and changes the next day. Everyone compares Trump to Hitler, or Mussolini…he’s neither. He’s like Chavez. He will be easily manipulated by leaders like Putin, and like dishonour is a worse fate than death with dignity, under his leadership, America will be a laughing stock in the World. The republic will survive, but the damage that will be done to the military diplomatic standing of US, will not be recovered.

So there it is. If you follow our Blog, you will see we are equally critical of all three. But when it is time to choose, remember, choose the least of the three evils. We can’t officially endorse, but everyone knows where my loyalties lie. You have to decide on your own, who you think is the least evil. And vote accordingly!

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