Date: June 3, 2016

Vote, don’t riot: Radical anti-Trump protesters aren’t helping

Chaotic scenes have become the norm at Trump rallies, where protesters and Trump backers have fiercely resisted one another, but at a rally in San Jose, California, it blew up into outright violence. Anti-Trump protesters punched and threw eggs and tomatoes at Trump supporters. Some left bleeding, according to photos shared on Twitter and in the press.

This follows a number of high-profile attacks on peaceful protesters at Trump rallies, who have been punched in the face by Trump backers while being escorted out, and aggressive protests by anti-Trump forces, who have blocked roads. Clearly this election is heated, and with Trump making racist and sexist attacks on judges and journalists, it makes sense that people would fiercely oppose him.

As Emmett Rensin, a Vox journalist who was later suspended for his comments excusing these riots said, Trump is a unique threat to democracy.

We at Bombs and Dollars agree that Trump is a fascistic type who is creating a dangerous cult of personality and who must be stopped. However, here’s the thing: You don’t stop an anti-democratic fascist by punching his supporters at a political rally.

Americans have a means of defeating Trump, and it’s at the ballot box. He’s already well-positioned to lose, with historically high unpopularity numbers. But these kind of overly aggressive left-wing protest tactics (even before the violence) are likely to help him.

Of course it doesn’t make any rational sense to support a candidate just because some of the people opposing him are extreme, but if we’ve learned anything from this election, it’s that rational logic doesn’t always determine people’s voting choices. Liberal protesters attacking Trump voters, and mainstream media outlets being seen as excusing it, are going to serve to unite some portion of the Republicans who are currently divided over Trump.

The Republican Party has perfected the art of playing to the resentments of middle class conservatives who feel they are under assault from “elitists” in the press and sneering liberal protesters.

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BBC edits Shakespeare…to “fit modern times”

Sometimes we deserve everything we get. You know, the sexism, the idiocy, the daddy issues, the privileged, insufferable idiots who thinks they know better than the rest of us, so they can sit in a high table and judge what’s better for the rest, because of course they know best.

If you’re not aware, here’s something to spoil your weekend. The BBC decided, they will edit Shakespeare, rewrite Midsummer Night’s Dream, scrap a portion where Helena threatens suicide over her love for Demetrius, because it might “hurt” young women.

Oh poor woebegone young women! How naive they are!

Other than the fact that it is infantalising to imagine, women are not capable of thinking for themselves, or understanding what they should note from a classic play, let’s see what the director has to say.

“I don’t care what Shakespeare was thinking, I don’t care, it is my name on it. It was standard in 1590 for a woman in a love story to say that I am about to kill myself. It is not standard now.

“I am deliberately hoping to get young girls watching. I will not transmit lines in which women are so much in love that they are threatening to commit suicide.”

What an insufferable, privileged, infuriating, raging narcissist! THIS is not about you, you utter imbecile!

“2016 I’m not having lovelorn women say they’ll kill themselves. I’m not putting that on BBC One, I absolutely refuse.”

Right…because some people stopped committing suicide, or some people stopped being lovelorn. How idiotic is this, when people can watch BDSM at the click of the mouse, but have to edit Shakespeare, because it’s “OH SO DANGEROUSLY INFLUENTIAL FOR YOUNG WOMEN!”

Let’s carry on.

Emma Rice, the artistic director at Shakespeare’s Globe, has confessed that she tries to condense as much as she can. In her current production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream she has changed Helena’s gender and told The Times that the romance with Demetrius made more sense to her if it was a homosexual one.

Of course. 

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