Is Hillary Clinton bringing down the tone of the campaign to Trump-like levels?

That’s the concern—the “bullshit”, I add, since this is 2016—concern raised by John Sexton of After Twitter Trump attacked Clinton for receiving President Obama’s endorsement, Clinton’s account tweeted, “Delete your account,” at Trump. A funny and non-threatening dis to a man who has proven time and time again that the world would be a better place if he didn’t tweet?

No, to John Sexton, Clinton’s tweet was a “3 word put-down could have come from Trump himself,” and that “Clinton has sunk to his level.” (Incidentally, he’s probably wrong about that; Trump’s tweets and speeches are long-winded and self-referential.)

Sexton looks to the future and bemoans what he sees as a biased liberal media that will excuse Clinton’s terribly offensive response to Trump while blaming Trump for having lowered the discourse to a level that includes references to “losers,” “bimbos,” and allegations of murder against his opponent:

What this campaign is really going to be is months of back and forth insults with each side taking shots at the other. And yet, Trump will consistently be blamed for bringing down the tone of the campaign even as Clinton is praised for toughness. As in every election, the Republican has to fight a two front war, one against the other candidate and one against the media.

Oh, boo hoo if Tantrum Trump has to take responsibility for his tirades! He called an American judge “Mexican” and said a “Mexican” judges shouldn’t be allowed to preside over his case, and now he’s being called racist! Why isn’t Judge Curiel, or Hillary, getting blamed for Trump’s comments?! #LiberalBias

I recon that Sexton is probably right about who will get the blame, because the media, for all it’s faults, is not as oblivious to reality as Sexton. They have been reporting on the campaign for months, so they know who is throwing racist, sexist, and uncivilized comments every day.

Clinton shot back a non-offensive reply in response to Trump’s criticisms of her. Yes, Hillary trying to defend herself with language that is nowhere near as bad as much of what Trump has said is the real problem in this election, isn’t it? She shouldn’t be allowed to respond.

If anyone was paying attention to the news, they would know that “Little Marco” only mentioned Trump’s small hands after months of Trump calling his opponents ugly (to Carly), a child molester (Carson), and a “low energy” guy who loved illegal immigrants because of his Mexican immigrant wife (Jeb). Now you ask who brought the rhetoric of the campaign down to dumpster fire levels? Hmmm… What a mystery.

Here’s a challenge for John Sexton:
– Point to one instance when Clinton said of a protester, “I want to punch him in the face.”
– Point to one instance when Clinton defended herself from the inquiry into her email server by mentioning the ethnicity or national origin of one of the investigators.
– Point to one instance when Clinton criticized a veteran for having been captured.
– Has Clinton ever mocked the appearance of her opponent’s wife?
– When was the last time Clinton called a reporter a “sleaze,” a “bimbo,” or a “beauty,” or speculated about where a reporter was bleeding from?
– Has Clinton ever blamed her opponent’s father for involvement in JFK’s murder or her opponent for involvement in someone else’s murder?
– Trump once said it was disgusting that Clinton used the restroom. Has Clinton ever said it is disgusting that Trump excretes shit every time he opens his mouth?

If you can find an example for all of those, then maybe you have grounds to criticize Clinton as “sinking to Trump’s level.” The reality is Sexton almost certainly can’t find a single example of the above.

Objectively we can say one thing is worse than the other, but in defending Trump, the Republicans suddenly want to be the party of cultural relativity.

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