When Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister of the UK she did not attribute her success to feminism. She was not a feminist. Had she been Prime Minister in the 18th century however, she would very likely be hailed by feminists today as one of their own. Dead men and women tell no tales – or reveal inconvenient political alliances.

This might also be said now about the victims of Orlando.

Their still warm corpses being seized upon by a ravenous swam of SJW politicos eager to erase fifty individual identities. Their identities have been subsumed into the LGBT whole, whether or not they were political activists. The mortal terror they faced at the moment of their death is now the property of LGBT community to be invoked at will by anyone with a political axe to grind. Their suffering represents the terror all LGBT people face every day of their lives. Apparently. No reasonable person can disagree. If you do, if your mind strays beyond the limited visible spectrum of acceptable LGBT thought; if you mourn these people as merely humans and not gay martyrs, you are a homophobe.

It is true that this worst terrorist atrocity in the US since 9/11 was inspired, in part, by homophobia, but freedom of sexuality is part of the bigger whole of freedom of expression, free speech and universal human rights. To deny that – to refuse the victims the dignity of their own identity, ironically in the name of identity politics, debases the concept of common humanity itself.

The writers of Charlie Hebdo did not receive the compassion of SJWs because they were not useful to them. These corpses, now silent forever, are useful. The quality of humanitarian mercy is not strained, the quality of SJW mercy most definitely is.

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