So, I posted this on FB today.

When Churchill had a dinner with Sir William Harcourt, just prior to the First World war, in the course of the conversation, Churchill asked him, what is going to happen. Sir Harcourt replied, “My dear Winston, the experiences of a long life has convinced me, that nothing ever happens.”

When Churchill retired after Second World war, Churchill wrote about this dinner and said, “since that moment, as it seems to me, nothing has ever ceased happening” .

It started with this meme I made, a year back, jokingly, somewhat drunk, back in Kolkata. Ukraine

After almost five years in New Zealand, and on my way to UK to start my research. In a comparatively saner world, with just a funny little war about to start in Europe (and that’s not my PhD I’m talking about, although the subject is related) which now seems like aeons away. People were laughing about it, and everyone thought it won’t last long. It’s Europe after all, post-modern and liberal. Wars, interventions, annexations, refugees and nationalist civil strife in Europe are history.

To rephrase Churchill, reflecting upon Europe in the last few months, “nothing has ever ceased happening” since then.


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