In case you’re not aware, Black Lives Matters UK had an entire day of protest, blocking traffic to London’s Heathrow, and Birmingham airports, and blocking Nottingham city center. It was the day of mayhem, and many holiday goers were livid that they missed their flight.

To put it in a statistically significant percentage, the number of black people killed by police violence in UK is in single digits, however, facts never deterred militant protest movements anyway. With the increasing militancy in UK left, from Momentum, to Socialist Worker’s Party entryism, to BLM, it is inevitable that an 1980s style crackdown will be launched. One might remember, that same thing happened, in both UK and US, when peaceful civil rights movements, or unions, gave way to militancy, and essentially destroyed the broad public support which led to them being crushed by “law and order” supporting candidates on both sides of the pond.12188595_10206147899191049_1123209179_n

Do we see a repeat of that after 40 odd years?

In light of that hypothesis, I chatted with Robbie Travers, self-declared “Arch Blairite”, old fashioned New Labour, and the Executive Director of The Agorans, who incidentally got his FB post blocked, as he criticised BLM militancy.

Here’s the excerpt. 

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