This week a video of Donald Trump bragging in 2005 about “grabbing women by the pussy” was released, causing a horde of Republicans to stampede from his sinking ship campaign.

In defense, Trump and his backers have sided with extreme feminists. What Trump said at age 59 about sexually assaulting women and committing adultery is just normal “locker room talk” amongst guys. There’s nothing to see here. All men brag about violating women against their will.

If you are paying attention, you will note that accusing all men of engaging in sexual assault and serial adultery is demeaning to men.

And yet… This is exactly the argument that the supposed opponents of political correctness at Fox News and on the Trump campaign are making.

I have noticed before that Trump isn’t defeating political correctness but rather legitimizing all the claims the PC left makes.

As I wrote at The Federalist:

Social justice warriors paint a dismal picture of American society. They say America is inexcusably racist, sexist, “Islamophobic,” homophobic, and guilty of a laundry list of other -isms and newly named offenses. In July 2015, when feminist blogger Kiran Gandhi ran a marathon without a tampon while on her period to protest “period shaming,” I didn’t even know “period shaming” was a thing. Who, of influence, has ever shamed women for having a natural occurrence take place?, I thought.

I found out a few weeks later, when, after the first Republican debate, the man who would become the presumptive Republican nominee appeared to shame moderator Megyn Kelly for just that. “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever,” Donald Trump said, as he tried to dispute the allegation that he had expressed misogynistic views. Just like that, what once appeared to be a manufactured boogeyman became a real thing, and feminist SJWs had an actual example they could point to of what they oppose.

Also notable is how the right-wing populists make such explicit use of identity politics. As I wrote, “Only Difference Between SJWs And Alt-Righters Is Which Identities They Hate”:

The interesting thing about many of Breitbart’s headlines isn’t just the casual bigotry and insanity but the obsession with identity politics present in such articles as “Straight People Have Ruined Gay Rights,” which argued for straights to be banned from gay spaces. Nothing would need to change for those words to be published nearly verbatim at Salon.

Other articles would look just like Salon if only a few words were changed. “Why Equality and Diversity Departments Should Only Hire Rich, Straight White Men,” would just need to change the identity words to SJW-preferred groups. Another Breitbart writer was outraged about “How Feminist Propaganda is Destroying Men’s Lives,” just the kind of article Salon publishes when the topic is “rape culture” and the lives in question are female.

So Trump is politically correct in his own right-wing way. Beyond that, he’s also wrong that all or even most men are serial adulterers and sexual assaulters. A 2009 survey of U.S. adults found that only 15 percent had been married more than once and just 3 percent had been married three times or more.

The population was all Americans 15 years old or older in 2009, so it didn’t include 59-year-olds who had just married 35-year-old models and were already talking about cheating on them. But the percentage of thrice-married men certainly wouldn’t approach 50 percent (from 3 percent) if men were survey at the end of their life. The full data shows that 28 percent of men age 55 or older in 2009 had been married twice or more (pdf). So Trump and his surrogates Giuliani and Gingrich are in the extreme minority there.


Do most men talk about “grabbing women by the pussy”? That would be harder to gauge since there aren’t surveys on it, but certainly anyone who has half decent friends knows that it’s not the case that all men do.

What we can say is that none of Trump’s or Clinton’s opponents in this election are on record as having said that. None of them appeared on mass entertainment media as often as Trump for the past few decades, however. But we can modify the question a little to consider only sexist and hateful statements that Trump made publicly since announcing his campaign:

    How many of the other candidates have referred to particular women—including female journalists—as “bimbos” in personal or campaign communications?
    How many of them have criticized women for their appearance or weight?
    How many of them have criticized the appearance of a female opponent and said that they don’t think voters would vote for someone with such a face?
    How many of them have criticized the appearance of their opponent’s wife?

Case closed. No, not all men are as vulgar and sexist as Trump, and if you, like most men, aren’t, then you can easily cast the millionth stone.

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