The National Enquirer is the magazine Americans ordinarily look at in the checkout line for some light humor about how Bill Cosby had his son murdered or how the people in Hollywood you already knew were gay are gay, but this year the rack-filler really went all in for Trump.

During the GOP primary, it attacked all of Trump’s rivals, publishing Trump opposition research, publishing pictures of Bush’s daughter, accusing Ted Cruz of having multiple affairs (in a story that has since then never been picked up by journalists), and even randomly linking Cruz’s father to JFK’s assassination in a defamation that Trump repeated on the campaign trail.

We also learned that in 2015 Hillary only had six months to live and that she was going to jail.

But now that David Pecker’s long-time friend is elected, it’s not time to stop. No, National Enquirer must publish an article written by McCarthy’s ghost accusing “55” CIA employees of being “Muslims Spies in Obama’s CIA.”


We have known for a long-time, from such impeccable sources as Michelle Bachmann and Donald Trump that Obama has surrounded himself with Muslim Brotherhood terrorist advisors and that Obama himself is a Muslim, but now we see the problem is especially bad in the CIA. One wonders if that is because of the CIA’s conclusion that Russia hacked into Democratic Party and Republican Party digital accounts and leaked emails to Wikileaks in order to try to help Trump win?

But if that’s the case, then it’s not just limited to the CIA. There must be “Muslim spies” in the FBI, too, because the FBI concurred that Russia hacked the Democrats, and if this report by the Washington Post is true, they even agreed about Russia’s intent! Trump must work hard to clean out the “Muslim spies” everywhere they lurk. I get the feeling there will be more and more “Muslim spies” the longer his term drags on.

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