For those of us old enough, late Gen-Xers and early Millennials, and influenced by mid-90s Grunge, the riots in Berkeley which forced the University of Berkeley to cancel Milo’s talk comes as no surprise. We, from a generation whose defining trait was indifference and calm unflappable belief in the forces of structure over agency, always wondered what it felt like to be constantly radical, hyper, to have the relentless altruistic idea of value and virtue promotion, of the self imposed burden and crusading revolutionary world changing zeal. It constantly felt like Big Lebowski trying to reason with Shaun King. In fact the latest riot was therefore so inevitable that it barely needs mentioning; the inevitable outrage of a pampered generation of middle class pretend revolutionaries, so ideologically inflexible, so detached from working class sensibilities, so mollycoddled to believe in inherent malleable, ever expanding rights like tampon tax, rather than calm quiet resilience; cheered on by Hollywood millionaires, some of the tweets are borderline treasonous. Everything that happened since Trump won was and remains a bourgeoisie rebellion, and here’s a word of caution from someone pushing mid thirties with a growing Homer Simpson tummy; it is going to end brutally. We’ve seen it all before, us, and the generations before us.


Ridiculous couple of weeks, with all the protest and violence, and worst of all, the hyperbole, but here are a few essays by yours truly.

  1. On Trump’s inauguration speech. (Read here)
  2. On Russian military operational strategy in Syria. (Read here) (PDF download here)
  3. On the Berkeley Riots and Milo’s cancelled speech. (Read here)

That’s it for now. Oh, and I have started teaching, M11006 Problems in Global Politics at the Uni. So if you’re in Nottingham, get in touch and come for a lecture!


A thought on the upcoming “Science March“. It’s as scientific as your idiotic FB friends hearting “I Fucking Love Science” posts. When a Science March is led by gender studies advocates and other pseudo-scientific activists, Science has already lost.

Rather unfortunate, but that’s where we are.

Science march Diversity science march


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